Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gavin: Danny Shittu (+49)

The day started well with more of Sonny's infusions being changed to tablets. These are the steps that need to be taken to get him home at some point. We were presented his list of tablets that we'll soon be administering which ran to around 50. Most of them had '3 months' and '6 months' next to them except for Penicillin which simply said 'lifetime dose'. I knew he would be on some tablets for the rest of his life, I just didn't realise it would be that one... the one you avoid giving to kids so they can grow some of their own bacteria. I have to say it hit me harder than I thought. Whatever, it's not about me. He had another good day only turning at around 4pm and starting a temperature so we shot him back to the hospital early. He perked up pretty quickly and wanted crisps so Zoe had the brilliant idea of buying the entire range of Walkers World Cup flavours and recreating the entire Competition a tiny crisp at a time. Unfortunately, despite being one of the best things I've heard of in ages he went all France on us. He managed the group stages, but the poo bowls won on penalties.

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