Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gavin: Russian Roulette (BMT +36)

Sonny didn't have a great day today but we have been warned that this bit could be bumpy so we're ready for it. The quality of nursing care you receive now makes a big difference so it's always an apprehensive moment when you get to 8.30pm and the door opens to reveal that nights nurse. Of course, most are brilliant but a few haven't quite grasped the basics (slamming doors, talking, turning on lights etc.) There was one agency nurse on Elephant ward that we refused to look after us when it became clear that she didn't know her aspirin from her elbow. To be fair, she probably wasn't that bad, but she was given Sonny to look after at a very stressful time (on the back of the Great Chemo Cock Up) and frankly, had a lack of understanding around his fragile state of mind. So, when she walked in last night we both froze and Sonny went red in the face through panic. I decided there was no time for niceties or worrying about her feelings as she was after all being paid to be there. I put on my bravest face and shot out to tell the nurse in charge that she needed to be swapped to one of the less discerning families who look like they'd put up with a Chuckle Brother doing their obs.
To be fair, they didn't bat an eyelid (I took this as a sign they knew she was rubbish which helped with my guilt) and we got a new one. I proudly went back to Sonny to inform him that I'd sorted it to find him throwing up. The wide-eyed-red-face was nothing to do with the nurse (he hadn't even remembered her) but the start of nausea. Which means I'd upset a few people, caused issues with the rota, looked obnoxious to the rest of the staff, not been there when Sonny needed me and all realistically for nothing. Yeah, go dad.


  1. Gavin trust me, you're fab!

    Hope you are having a good day today Sonny and that you feel a little better xxx

    and Zoe, Ruby looked great in her little summer dress and plaited hair band yesterday! Wonder where she gets that from!......

  2. Gavin there is no doubt that you're fab!

    We really hope you are feeling better today Sonny and get a chance to go home over the weekend.

    and Zoe, Ruby looked great in her little summer dress and plaited hair band yesterday!! Wonder where she gets that from?!...

  3. Sorry its twice, my blogging seemed to go a little wrong!! xxxx

  4. Dear Sonny

    Today at school, 'Islington In Bloom' came to judge and meet the year 5 gardener's. I took a photo of the judge with your plot for the garden diary which we are making for you, so will get this to you v soon.

    Lots of Love Agt N and Curie Class.x