Saturday, 24 July 2010

Gavin: Back in err, Elephant (+52)

Yeah, so we like totally nailed today. At 8am the nurse informed Zoe that Sonny had made enough progress to move back to Elephant Ward so, could you pack up and go please as we need the bed. For those that aren't familiar with our journey, we've spent plenty of time in Elephant and know the staff very well. Coming back felt a bit like coming home and the relief was palpable. It's another step closer to getting him home properly so we're obviously delighted he's doing well enough to have these decisions made for him. In other news, Ruby went to her first Heavy Metal concert 'High Voltage' with her Godfather. She had an absolutely brilliant time, enjoying everything from the 'Wall of Death' (motorbikes going round in a circle, not a band) to entering the air guitar competition where she made it through to the final. Yep, you read that right, she missed out on a trip to Finland for the European leg by just one place. Can you imagine?
All in all a pretty good day I reckon. The pics are of Sonny wearing his new McLaren outfit (with VIP pit passes) sent by his lovely Uncle and Ruby forming a human pyramid with Phil Campbell from Motorhead and Kerry King from Slayer.


  1. Ruby you are a head bangin' goddess of ROCCKKK. We went to see status quo at Guilfest the other day which doesn't quite have the same cred does it? (the fact they were supported be hard rockers Level 42 doesn't help).
    great news that Sonny's back in the arms of Elephant. much love xxxx

  2. check you out Ruby!!!:) love claire and the gang. xxxxxx