Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gavin: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby (BMT+38)

Ruby is ill. The grumbling tummy and sore throat I put down to too much party food and singing at her friends Lady GaGa party turned into a proper sore throat and temperature overnight and, despite her best efforts to get her kick boxing outfit on for this mornings lesson, she looked terrible. Unfortunately, in these situations there's only one thing to do so I packed a bag and took her to my lovely parents who were ready and waiting with the TV remote, blanket and a cold flannel for her head.
It's just horrrid for Rubes when she gets ill. We've spent the last year sharing round the clock care of her brother but the minute she gets a sniffle we have to pack her off. She's the only kid I know who pretends to be less ill than she actually is. In fact, she's the only kid I know that thinks all of this is perfectly normal. She's amazing, but she's so going to be emo to pay us back in a few years.

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