Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Zoe: Confused.com (+55)

Sonny's started to feel a little bit bored at home. Don't get me wrong - he's not complaining but I can tell he's getting a bit fidgety. We are doing things slightly unconventionally by even being at home so we are in the strange no-mans land of hospital rules and home rules. The only trouble is we haven't had our 'home chat' yet so rather than making it up we are trying to adopt the hospital rules at home. Confused... me too. For instance in hospital all hot food is thrown away after 30 minutes. So if I make a pot of something do I have to throw it away or can I put it in the fridge or can I freeze it and reheat it later? Which leads me back to Sonny being bored. He wanted a new set of felt tips today and shouted out a trip to the shop round the corner. However, despite being able to walk through the packed foyer at GOSH I know that trips to shops are a no no. Today he wrote a little list of things he thought he may be able to do soon. Here they are in no particular order:
1. Trip to Cyber Candy
2. Bowling and visit arcade
3. Buy new football boots
4. Paintballing
5. See Toy Story 3D
6. Quasar
7. Watch a cricket match (see what you've done Stewart)
8. Go to Nanny and Da's
9. Pick your own (fruit not nose)
10. RAF Museum
11. Eat BBQ chicken wings at Yildaz

Its going to be a longgggggggg summer...

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  1. It's probably silly but what about Gardening? - not sure if - can do....?

    But even our Sid - though his first and closely followed second loves are Football and bust your guts wrestling loves a bit of green fingered activity.

    Have fun guys.