Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Gavin: A pretty major event (+56)

So, I went out for dinner tonight with my wife. Yeah, read it again... I. Went. Out. For. Dinner. Tonight. With. My. Wife. I appreciate for most of you this can be a fairly standard event but, after a year of not doing this, it was absolutely amazing. To give you a clue, imagine the thing you like doing most in the whole world and then deciding not to do that thing for 365 days. Then imagine how unbelievable it would feel once you were allowed to do it again? Yeah I know, I'm in tears a bit too and I was actually there.


  1. I,m so happy for you both... hope you managed to stretch it out.... and enjoy every second.... lots of love Nat

  2. BEAUTIFUL! i imagine you enjoyed every single second. xx C.x