Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Zoe: Mamma Mia (+48)

Sonny has been working hard for the last month to try and come off his TPN (liquid nutrition). Its been a very slow process and nobody thought he'd be able to do it without starting with an NG tube (tube down the nose to his stomach). So far he's managed to avoid the dreaded NG tube. He really really didn't want one and they are incredibly common here. I reckon, three out of four kids having chemo must have one at some point in their treatment. Anyway, he was adamant that he didn't want one and with good reason too - he's gone and done it without. Last night the TPN came down. Come on!

The first week was a total non starter and didn't go well but for the last three weeks he's been working with a specialist dietitian. When you start to introduce food you begin to realise the incredible enormity of what his body has been through. We've been advised to do it in the way you'd start to introduce solid food to a baby - by introducing a different food group every other day. We actually started with 2 spoons of rice which was about what Sonny started with all those years ago. Anyway, as you can see by the photo its working. Today he was given the green light to eat some more complex foods (stuff mixed up) so he was able to tuck into a proper spaghetti bolognese (without the parmesan though - cheese is next week).