Friday, 1 October 2010


Sonny here and I have news. Match attax are back and they are better than ever. For those of you who don't know match attax are like the best thing for hospital and I went mad for them last year collecting both the premier league and world cup versions. I have been so hooked on lego at the moment but lets face it that isn't cheap and today one set cost me about £50. Lots of people have been offering to get me lego but its so much money that I feel like its my birthday every time I get one and that is frankly ruining my birthday list and need some sort of lego to keep me going between my birthday and Christmas or i'll be as bored as ever. If you want to get me a present match attax will do just fine. Thanks for reading you can get a bit more info on my other blog the FA. If though you insist on getting lego tell me before you get it and I will send you a list of the ones I want. If you add a price range it makes it a lot more easy for me to pick because I have a habit of milking offers like lego and only give you a list full of £60-£100 sets. And than I get annoyed that you got me something cheap when I asked for the pricey ones. Thank you and any cards will be welcomed.


  1. thanks for clarifying that Sonny - i have to admit we were going down the star wars lego route for your birthday...up to the £25 mark if I'm honest so could you provide a shortlist over the next week or so? Louis is crazy about dj hero at the moment - have you tried it, its REALLY addictive and lots of fun. I hope you don't get too bored back in GOSH - you could always take up knitting like your mum?! lots of love, Lisa, Ed, louis, lola and Rudy xx

  2. Sorry to hear your back in!

    As you like lego thought this site would be up your street.

    Hang in there!!!!

    Thinking of you all Scott Bex and Amylia xxx

  3. Hi Sonny,

    My names Ben and I see Sian every now and again to rid my face of my spots and Ive been asking about you everytime I see Sian to see how you was doing and Im so sorry to hear that your back in hospital. She told me that you was running a blog and because im a training Journalist I wanted to see how your writing skills are progressing. I have to say after reading your blogs if I was as talented as you are at this moment I wouldn't have to go to university. Keep up the good work Sonny because if you can't become a proffesional football player there is certainly a future for you in the field of Journalism. By the way since im a West Ham fan what are your views of our current start and what do you think we need to do to stay up this season? Keep your chin up Sonny and keep on writing.

    Ben Kelly