Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Andersons: Happy Halloween


  1. Wow you all look amazing. Sorry we couldn't be there and hope you had fun. Lots a love xxx

  2. I have been on and off this site all day since the last blog to see if the party went ahead! So glad it did - Zoe - you're looking good sweetie!!!
    Loads of love to you all Nikki xxx

  3. You all look amazing, hope u had fun, lots of love kelly adrian and girls xxx

  4. Haven't you lot anything better to do than sort out fancy dress!!!!?????

    How do YOU DO IT???

    You all look amazing.
    You've obviously all been to acting classes to fill up your week as well!!

    Love to all
    PS.We had a new Highland calf born here on Monday. I will post up the photo/video when he wakes up a bit and the sun is out. Half the time we can't find him and he is in a ditch fast asleep. He's the same colour as the wet bracken and is so well camouflaged that I give up looking for him some of the time. His mum is great though and always gives the game away if you get too close.