Saturday, 30 October 2010

Zoe: Ambulance please

I couldn't find Sonny when I got up this morning. I'd heard him get up but when I came down he wasn't in his room or downstairs with the girls (Ruby had a friend to stay overnight). I discovered him collapsed on the floor having fallen off his chair in his bedroom, breathing strangely and I couldn't wake him. I refuse to share what went through my mind but needless to say it was an almighty relief when he started to come round and chat about what had happened in the ambulance on our way to the Whittington. He appears to have had some kind of seizure, fit type thing however, after lots of tests he's been given the all clear. We have know idea what caused it and probably never will. He's being kept in overnight for observation but the plan is to let him home tomorrow for his Halloween party. Personally, I've had enough frights this weekend.

By the way, the photo is of Sonny fooling around with the face mask I insisted he wore in A&E. Told you he was feeling ok.

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  1. Jesus Christ my heart is beating fast just reading that...thinking about all of you so much. and really hope we can still see you next weekend xxxx