Monday, 4 October 2010

Gavin: So this is normal

We left the hospital today at around 3pm rather than midday after Sonny had another reaction to the GCSF. As we left, I said 'well that was a pretty good day' as we'd managed to get out before 6ish. It wasn't until I got home I realised what we're now taking as normal.
The reaction to GCSF makes his lungs compress. This makes him drastically (and very scarily) short of breath and raises his blood pressure dramatically. His sats, which normally sit at around 99-100 drop to around 80, his temperature increases and his heart rate climbs to around 160. There's a lot of activity and a senior nurse pushes in a double dose of piriton (presumably because as they're senior they don't need to have it signed off by another nurse) while the doctor checks his lungs for any serious blockages and our assigned nurse takes his blood pressure and whacks him on 10 litres of oxygen. Sonny continues to be sick and feels terrible as his body goes into overdrive trying to reject the infusion. Finally, after around 20 minutes, things begin to settle down. We restart the infusion with 15 minute blood pressure and temperature readings and then wait an hour after the infusion to see if there's any change. He needs to eat something to ensure it's not gut related and be seen by the senior nurse who's bucked the rules to get the Piriton in.
I'm not writing this to make anyone feel sorry for us or him, just to point out that before we used to shit ourselves if he received a bad tackle at football. Looks like our goalposts have changed .

PS A few people are asking where to send Match Attax... as we're home, feel free to send them to 30 Prah Road, N4 2RB. Thanks.

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