Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gavin: Waiting

It's an uncomfortable time at the moment as we've had no word from the donor (as yet). Sonny is doing great and, despite all the negatives his well being has a huge effect on our bigger picture. In the past, we've watched him lose two stone and have the surgical team visit us each morning. We've been told 'this boy is on very thin ice' by a Locum on a Sunday at midnight and of course, we've taken him to intensive care at 4am and held each other tightly. But, despite the fact that his cancer is back and in more places than before, he's happy, chatty and enjoying himself. Doctor's know the symptoms, not the every day. If he's happy, so are we. It's his illness after all, we'll be lead by him.


  1. he's such a brilliant kid isn't he? xx

  2. absolutly!:) love you..claire lee and the girls