Saturday, 23 October 2010

Gavin: Thankyou

We spent the afternoon today organising Match attax into 3 piles of firsts, seconds and thirds then recording the doubles and triples and posting them on a match attax swapsite. Considering he has so many, Sonny now has a full time job managing his account and patiently wrapping cards in cardboard to send off to other kids. You may not realise, but sending him a couple of packets has opened this up for him and for that we're incredibly grateful. Alongside this, we've received original paintings from Italy, cuddly toys from Canada and a rather nice Fortnum and Mason hamper for us. Everyone has been amazingly generous and we really do appreciate it. I don't want him to come across as grabby, but his Christmas list has a Range Rover Sport at the top followed by size 7 Louboutins.

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