Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gavin: A pretty shameless plug

With a stunning lack of foresight, some of you may remember me and Zo bought a house in Italy a couple of years back. Despite having a couple of other things to take care of, with the help of some great people in Italy (and some deep pockets from our families), she's managed to get it ready for rental.
So, clicky the picture or the link below and feel free to book it up, recommend it to your friends or say things like 'I don't think it's really appropriate to sell their villa on a blog about their son's illness'.

PS it takes a while to load, but we're working on that.


  1. Looks absolutely fab and we really hope that you all get to enjoy it soon too, hope you are feeling ok Sonny.
    Lots of love Rach, Andrew Eva and Maya xxxx

  2. Don't be a twat gav. Not even mother theresa could object to the plug. In fact you've been missing a great opportunity for product placement on the blog. Honestly. You advertising types! All scruples and moral sensitivity...