Thursday, 14 October 2010

Zoe: State of flux

Sonny's blood counts have dropped through the floor. He's neutropenic and his platelets are very low. This is all to be expected as a result of the chemotherapy. However I didn't expect to get a phone call yesterday to say that his counts were so low that his chemo would have to be delayed. I had a bit of a Michael Douglas, Falling Down moment at this news. Any ways turns out that I shouldn't have been told that and after a few desperate phone calls I was assured that he was a priority case and that everybody was working on a plan.  We're off to GOSH now armed with armfuls of Match Attax to pass the time. Thanks to all your gob smacking generosity...  He properly loves them and they don't hurt nearly as much as stray lego when you tread on one either.

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