Friday, 15 October 2010

Zoe: Yes, I'll hold...

Sonny's neutrophils recovered enough for him to complete his chemo yesterday. Huge sighs of relief all round from us but he had to pop back today for some platelets as they were too low. The original plan was for Sonny to have another PET scan on Monday to see if the chemo had had any effect, followed by a planning meeting on Thursday. However, I've just had a call to say that its too soon to tell and its been put back to 1st November. As glorious as it is being at home the downside to it is you have to be told these dramatic changes of direction over the telephone by a rather green registrar fresh out of a meeting with the clever consultants. The registrar will often openly admit we may probably know a bit more than them on the subject when we start picking apart what they say and begin questioning the messenger. And so the telephone tag continues... Its the NHS after all. Our oncology consultant is something of an elusive demigod at the best of times, however he seems to get my angst and even telephoned today to support me through my hysteria on learning that we still don't know if Sonny's donor is up for round 2 or not. Its exactly for reasons like this that the donor and recipient remain anonymous to one another.

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