Thursday, 30 September 2010

Gavin: And the beeps go on...

So we're back in and starting again. We arrived at 9am and immediately went out to buy Zoe a cardi as there's no hot water on the ward. It may be the Best Children’s Hospital In The World but, they could probably do with diverting some of the money spent on rubbish telly's into stuff like heating.
The PET scan has confirmed the cancer is back and a bit worse than they thought so they're upping the doses to get the right results. Not great, but to be honest cancer rarely is, so we'll crack on.
We now wait to see the effects of a chemotherapy that hasn't been used on a child before. Although this isn't particularly reassuring, we’re still confident of the care and attention we receive from some great Consultants.
Sonny called tonight and through his lorazepam haze (the drug he takes to chill him out for the chemo) chatted about how excited he is about the Poulter/Woods pairing in tomorrow's Ryder Cup. I tried to explain just why it's so interesting this year on the back of Wood's indescretions, but every time I said 'porn stars' he started giggling.

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  1. Got me giggling too! ... you always do !!

    With you all - and heres to lots more giggles Mandy Dave and co xx