Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gavin: A good day (+112)

I was busy being an international businessman today and missed ward round but Zoe reported back that the news is still promising. Basically, the top man also feels that Sonny's symptoms are GVHD rather than a return of the cancer, despite the symptoms being virtually identical. Sonny had a CT Scan today to rule out a fungal infection and, if we get a good result on that he can restart steroids that will keep his temperatures under control. A PET scan is being organised as well to be completely sure, but no one is taking us into another room just yet and talking in soothing tones. Which is a relief.
Sonny isn't exactly improving rapidly but he isn't getting worse - something we were expecting to happen. Today he managed to eat a bowl of cereal and drink some water which is a big step that keeps the TPN (intravenous food) from the door. If that's started, it takes a while to wean him off and guarantees an extra week or two on your stay. For now we'll await test results as each will alleviate our fears, but it's fair to say we're all feeling more comfortable than we did last Friday.
Sonny's just dozed off as Arsenal took Tottenham into extra time before beating them. You may have noticed Arsene Wenger on his phone during the game which was a call he put into Sonny asking him if he was well enough to stay up for the extra hour, or if he wanted him to finish them off now. "jouer avec eux comme un chat avec une souris ne" replied Sonny, although I'd already explained that Arsene speaks pretty good English.

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