Thursday, 16 September 2010

Zoe: Hot boy (107+)

The hospital bag has been packed and ready by the front door since we got home from GOSH. I suppose it was inevitable but somehow we'd begun to believe that Sonny was invincible and we wouldn't have to use it. Despite being on top form this week, Sonny spiked a temperature today which meant we had to go straight in to the Whittington. He's not feeling too bad but he's a bit hot, off his food and not weeing very much. All being well, he should start to feel better in 48 hours and then they can let him home. The idea of going was worse that the reality of being there. He was greeted by lots of familiar smiley faces and his regular BMT doctor from GOSH has transferred there to continue her training which he's very happy about as she is lovely and very clever. Sonny has to have a room all to himself which was looking decidedly tricky when we got there. Luckily, by 5.30pm they'd managed to swap some patients around which is good for avoiding nasty germs which the place is teaming with and crack-heads trying to visit their kids in hand-cuffs.

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