Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Zoe: God is a TV repair man (113+)

Despite the labs being full of little petri dishes containing a myriad of samples from Sonny's bodily fluids for the best part of a week his results keep coming back as negative. This means that they can safely rule out an infection causing the temperatures and he can come off the huge cocktail of antibiotics that have been steadily increasing as the week went on. This is nice for Sonny and rather lovely for his poor weary parents who won't have to be up half the night cancelling 'near end syringe' alarms throughout the night.

In other news our dear friend, Colin the TV repair hero man has got Sky Sports 1 back on the TV and all it took was a cup of tea and two sugars. I'm off now to find the plumber so we might be able to have a bath. I kid you not.

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