Monday, 27 September 2010

Zoe: If you fall off a horse get back on (118+)

Apart from the X Factor double bill, it was a very quiet weekend in the Anderson house.  We'd love to see people but we don't really dare. We are living in fear of Sonny catching anything that could hamper his future treatment (remember the paraflu). He's feeling better though, the massive dose of steroids are doing their job - his temperature has come right down and he's beginning to eat more. We are waiting to get an admission day and treatment plan from GOSH. I think this is being worked on today and we should hear when they want him hopefully tomorrow or the day after. When we'll be ready to go at it again...

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  1. Hi Sonny, its my birthday today and I wish you could have been here for my birthday tea. Quite a few people came from class and we had sushi and Japanese food. I got a massive fully automatic Nerf gun (Stampede) and a remote control helicopter which fires missiles. We went to Arsenal with your season tickets on Sat and got beaten by West Brom. Me and my Dad held the big flag and did lots of singing for you. My Dad said some bad words. He thought I couldn't hear them because he put his hand over my ears. Must go now and do homework, we get Maths EVERY night now : ( I hope you are well enough to visit soon.
    All the best, Gabe