Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gavin: The final supper

Sonny goes back into GOSH tomorrow to start chemo which could last as long as 6 weeks. After this, he will receive more donor cells without any immune suppressing drugs to let them fight off the root of his cancer. If this isn't successful, they will continue every three months, upping the dose of cells to promote GVHD. This is playing with fire. In most other cases, they avoid GVHD but with Sonny they are actively promoting it and then balancing the symptoms against cure. It's as scary as it sounds.
On a cheerier note, Sonny is great. He shouted up chilli wraps for his last tea at home and seems fine about going back in. When he was about five, my dad said there was something special about him, that he'd be Prime Minister or something when he gets older. It's difficult to disagree at the moment. His level of calmness and understanding is way beyond his years and he continues to amaze me with his rational thought about the situation. I'm pretty confident that if we put him up as the new Labour leader now, Ed Milliband would be all like yeah, fair enough, I enjoyed my week.

PS I've taken the decision to stop the (BMT+120) etc. in the title as we're starting again. I haven't checked this with Zoe though so they may be back. I'm so Tony Blair.

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  1. thinking of you all the time, as for sonny being special your dad was SOOOOO right,lots of love from seaford, claire and family.xxxxp.s i am sure he prob will be prime minister oneday!!!!