Sunday, 19 September 2010

Gavin: Box in the Fox (+110)

So, we're back in GOSH in our little room, under the care of the BMT team on Fox ward. Sonny remains the same... chatty, funny but spiking temperatures and is now on fluids as he's not eating or drinking. As Zoe said, his symptoms have a familiar ring to them and, despite 4 hourly antibiotics and antifungals for the last 3 days is showing no signs of improvement. As we've been in this position many times and obviously know these symptoms more than a weekend doctor who can't be expected to read a foot deep worth of notes, I think we're both ready for the news that the cancer has returned. Before this is confirmed (or not... we haven't lost sight of our own inability to know for sure) Sonny will undergo a multitude of tests to eliminate the obvious. I doubt we'll know anything for at least a week and maybe longer but, in the meantime we'll continue to put on our game face.
Oh, and remember those TV's that I predicted were dogshit (click here)? They've had to come down as the walls aren't strong enough to support them. My next prediction is Sonny will be get through this and be ready for the next part of our journey. I'm pretty much always right.


  1. Gav you are always on the money in my book. lots and lots of love to you all. xxx

  2. thinking of you all... and missing the familiar sounds of you next door and most of all Sonny playing the trumpet... come home soon... lots of love Nat xxxx

  3. Thinking of you all as always. Big kiss, Dawn