Friday, 24 September 2010

Gavin: Starting again (BMT+115)

As predicted, the cancer is back. The lump in his chest has grown significantly and we sat down today with some big brains to let us know what comes next. To be honest, just knowing what comes next is a relief as our fear for the last week has been that this really is it. We were so scared that the conversation would be go home with a big bag of drugs and book a holiday to swim with some dolphins that we're strangely happy with the meeting.
Don't get me wrong, it's not great. Sonny will now undertake a month or so of chemo and radiotherapy to (as our consultant put it) slice the top off the cancer, then the BMT team take over to give him more donor cells which will bolster his bloods to fight it off. Or not. I asked for some time frames and the Director of BMT told us they have kids that are still taking this route three years down the line. Maybe that's why I'm happy. Three years is better than 3 months in my book. Last thursday I thought we were looking at three weeks.
Sonny is home for the weekend as there's no reason to keep him in GOSH. We'll be back in Tuesday or Wednesday to start this all over again. And start this again we will. With new Lego, new PS3 games and a whole new outlook. 


  1. and everyone will be there right behind all of you, Sonny (who is an amazing strong boy, with a fantastic sister, mum,dad and family and support of friends. It's been beaten once, and can be done again. Lots of love to you all, love Jacky (Garner!), Simon and Georgia

  2. I know its been said many times before but its worth saying again - you are wonderful wonderful people who continue to deal with this shit in a strong, positive inspiring way. The blog is such a gift to your friends to keep us involved - I hope you realise how much we appreciate it and I wish we could do more for you in return. just remember there is a tidal wave of love and support and hope for you all - especially Sonny who will face this down like he always has with strength and determination. All our love, Lisa, Ed and kids xx

  3. I don't know Lisa (of the comment above) but she has summed it up in one. The tidal wave is coming straight to you from Seaford.

    All our love
    Nikki, George & Shannon xxxxxxxxxx

  4. We ditto ALL the above, love you guys soooo much only that tidal wave has just become a tsunami!! xxxxxxxx lee claire hayley laura lucy and olivia xxxxxx