Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Zoe: Wednesday

Last night we were told that Sonny's stem cell harvest had been a success. They needed 3.2 million stem cells and yesterday harvested 4.1 million. It is unusual (in a good way) to get them in one day and its a great relief to give him one day's respite. The pipe in his leg was removed before he went to sleep so he got a really good nights rest. His wound was still bleeding a little this morning though, so today is being spent lying very still trying to stop the hole left in his leg from opening up. Sonny has found the last few days very distressing. Distraction is the only medicine so WWII is the theme of the day. So far we've watched The Great Escape and he is now flying a Hurricane over southern England playing Il 2 Sturmovik on PS3.


  1. So thrilled to hear that it's all been such a success on the stem cells front. What an incredibly brave boy Sonny is. And what great news. A million extra is one hell of a lot! all our love, Becky, David, Alex, Harry and Fred x

  2. well done sonny, how cool are you?!!!!!you are 'amillionmazing' enjoy ps3, love Claire L.H.L.L.and O.XXXXXX