Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Zoe: Temperature Tantrums

All thoughts of going home were quickly brushed to one side when Sonny spiked another temperature last night. He was having a blood transfusion at the time and a rise in temperature is to be expected. However, it continued to rise so the transfusion was stopped and we waited... and waited for it to go down. By midnight it was a fantastically normal 36.4 so I dropped off to sleep thankful that something had finally gone his way. Unfortunately at 2.30 it was back up to 38.8 and with neutrophils of 0.0 there was no way round the fact that Sonny needed antibiotics - quickly. We were told to expect this but no matter how prepared you are its very disappointing not to get more time at home. At least he's not feeling rubbish.

Its not all bad though, we did have some good news. Ruby has got chicken pox anti-bodies so she was able to return to school and take over, sorry part in her class assembly. Phew!

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