Monday, 8 February 2010

Gavin: Windows of opportunity

We're both pretty knackered today. And if I'm tired then Sonny, with blood levels that have hit the floor, is obviously exhausted. The pain team have stopped the morphine infusion and started giving it aurally so we can get him home hopefully tomorrow - our house is less of an infection risk than hospital. He didn't manage his tests at GOSH today as with his kidneys processing heavy amounts of pain killers, the reading would have been wrong. He's currently having a blood transfusion which should perk him up a bit.
With any luck, the daily injections that are meant to promote the new blood growth will kick in soon and the severe joint pain will be worth it. It better be.
The picture above is not from the set of a new horror film. It's the blanket I had to rig up across the window to stop the lights from the ambulances below. The curtain rail has fallen down since we were last here.


  1. Keep it up you guys. You are ALL doing great. We think of you all the time and wish we were closer. Quite fancy joining in with the best meal/bottle of wine competition.XX

  2. can't imagine the discomfort Sonny is in and how tired you all are - i wish we could wrap you all up in a big cashmere duvet. (your pic brought back some curtainage memories of when i had louis at the whittington all those years ago - we weren't allowed them at all in the maternity ward - just in case we started shooting up...)