Sunday, 7 February 2010

Zoe: Poxy news

Hmmm, it is so nice to be home. Sonny has had a mate over to play and we've also lost him to online gaming where he still remains unbeaten on Fifa 10.

Life isn't without its dramas though. Ruby has just had to have more blood taken by our Community Nurse to check if she has immunity to chicken pox. There has been an outbreak of chicken pox at school and this poses a serious threat to Sonny. Sonny had chicken pox very mildly and I vaguely remember Ruby getting maybe just one single spot. This isn't enough for us to be sure that she has immunity so she is being kept off school until we get the results. If she doesn't have the anti-bodies then she'll have to be immunised. Poor Ruby is distraught - not about the blood tests or the needles but because it means she's going to miss her school assembly if we don't get news of the results before Tuesday.

Off to indulge in a cosy pub lunch now where Sonny intends to order a large plate of steak and chips before Arsenal play Chelsea this afternoon... keep the faith.


  1. so glad your home sonny ... enjoy the match...and lets hope that Arsenal win... otherwise i will be round to have words with them! .... miss you all xx nat next door...

  2. Sonny

    So glad you're home. Hope you enjoyed the steak and chips and Go, Arsenal, Go! Lots of love, Dawn and James