Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Gavin: Psycho Babel

We were visited today by a play specialist and a psychologist. They explained they could help Ruby understand what was happening through play or arts and crafts. I've always thought it was better to simply talk to our kids but hey, what do I know.
I probably sound a bit defensive but to be honest, I'm not sure it's for us. We've maintained a positive outlook through everything that's been thrown at us and always tried to put the kids first. To suddenly have that changed into making pictures out of pasta to put across our perspective seems a bit, well... pointless.
If any of them read this I'm sure they'd explain that's precisely why I need to talk to someone. And of course, they were absolutely lovely and properly professional. I don't know, maybe I do need a chat. I'm confused now. Just to be safe, I'll carry on holding myself tightly and humming whilst rocking backwards and forwards. That normally seems to make the sparkly rainbows come back.

p.s. Arsenal beat Liverpool 1-0 tonight which cheered Sonny up. That's the reference in the title. To be honest, if you need to explain them they're not really that funny are they.


  1. Very good! - I agree that result was all the therapy you needed last night X

  2. I agree keeping it "real" you guy's handle it the way that feels right 4 you all x

  3. Keep hugging yourself Zoe and feel my arms around you as you do it. We are with you across the miles.
    With ALL ou love. Jxx

  4. I KNOW that there are sparkly rainbows for you ahead.