Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Zoe: On your marks... get set...

The new block of Sonny's chemo finished yesterday and we are going home for a while tomorrow. He's really looking forward to it - I didn't realize until today that its nearly been a month since we were all under the same roof together. Sonny's future treatment protocol is still being agreed even as I write. I haven't got dates for everything yet but the next 10 weeks are going to be very busy with stem cell harvesting, more scans, hearing tests, kidney tests, plus 3 more blocks of chemo to endure. The absence of his treatment protocol even existing on their systems really brings home the rareness of Sonny's condition. I've got a strange sense of comfort (or is it control) seeing it typed out now rather than in its original form of the rough, hand drawn one that looked like it had been done on the back of a fag packet we were given at the weekend.

Sonny is having a little snooze right now, but when he wakes up I've got to tell him about G-CSF injections. These are daily injections of a hormone to turn stem cells in his bone marrow into mature blood cells and to create replacement stem cells in his bone marrow. Clever it is but nice it ain't.


  1. so pleased you are all home together as from tomorrow for a while. xxxxxxxx

  2. Sending you all our positive energy, Becky boo (Sinclair), Richard, Isaac & Matilda XXxx

  3. Enjoy! lovely to hear you are going home. love to you all, wish i could pack up lots of hugs!! Claire. L.H.L.L.and O xxxxxx