Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Zoe: Citizen Anderson

Despite having spent millions on doing it up, the big people in power are trying to close The Whittington Hospital. I'll readily admit its not my favourite place as they haven't spent any of the money on pediatrics but the alternative would make life for this family a whole lot scarier and its more than scary enough already. As soon as Sonny gets a temperature we have to rush to our local hospital. To not actually have a local and to have to battle through to The Royal Free in Hampstead or UCH on Euston Road could be extremely dangerous. If you feel the same then look out for petition forms in local shops or join the SAVE THE WHITTINGTON PROTEST MARCH this Saturday. It leaves from Highbury Fields at midday and finishes at The Whittington. Power to the people.


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  1. Hi Zoe and gavin and those two amazing babes...i have looked up on the web and you can also sign the petition online. Type in 'save the whittington'. from down this end it is as good as done.Keep battling you lovely people, we are with you all the way. 'power to the people'.......Claire,L,H,L,L and O xxxxxx