Monday, 1 February 2010

Sonny: visitor at last

today started with a bit of a me vs the world clash me being very upset because I could not have visitors so i curled up in bed under the cover and refused to cooperate with anyone about anything.i did on the bright side get a ipod shuffle [the new one]and listened to some of the the music on that for a bit before the stand off.Mum didn't stop hassling the staff to try and get a visitor in to see me.So i got a bit tired and had a kip when i woke up i asked mum if there was any news on visitors and there was.i was allowed someone in so we jumped to it and got andrew to come in at 7:00 pm yes that late i needed to see someone that we played call of duty 4 for 1 hour and that just turned the day around for me.I did have a lesson in science as well that day but i don't think it went completely right and got a bit boring when the computer started to fail on us so it lost its edge. this was sonny talking on my day.

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  1. hi sonny sooooooo glad those georgeous nurses let you have a visitor last night. So cool you got the ipod, i cant even work the things!!!!!!! Thinking of you, ruby, mum, and dad all the time. What was your science lesson about? Big hugs to you all. Love Claire L,H,L,L and O. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX