Sunday, 21 February 2010

Zoe: Sunday

My boys are back! Rubes and I got back from another 4 hour dance marathon to find Sonny and Gav at home with their feet up watching SuperSunday on Sky Sports... perfect.

The photo was Friday's treat. GOSH held a private screening of UP complete with Pixar magic men Pete Doctor (not a real doctor) and Bob Peterson. I'd argue these two were the coolest men on the planet, after Sonny of course.


  1. we love love LOVE this film - what a lovely pic. Ruby looks like she's grown about 4 inches - gorgeous xxx

  2. fantastic piccy...wonderful to know you made it home. lol. Claire.L.H.L.L.and O.xxxxxx

  3. So brilliant to see you UP, out and about again Sonny. Fab news, AgentN1 xxx