Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gavin: The Mighty Arsenal™ for sale...

With a handful of games to go and two tickets spare in the red action section of the Emirates each week, I thought I'd offer up the remaining fixtures at the Arsenal to the highest bidder. The plan is to raise a bit of cash for Sonny to buy something he fancies as he's missed the entire season what with being a bit ill and all. We have home games left of Burnley, Man City, West Ham, Wolves and Fulham and obviously a long run into the final of the Champions League where we'll be crowned champions. Normal price for our tickets is £80 for the pair and I'll happily let them go for that but, if you're either feeling a bit flush now the recession is over or a banker about to collect their bonus and want to embellish that figure a bit, let us know and they're yours.


  1. Hi

    I'd be up for buying your tix for the Arsenal v Man City game!

    Agent N

  2. Hi Gav

    It's Sandy from the Bristol office. Much love and best wishes to you and yours.

    Sorry - I'm a bit rubbish with all this clever blog stuff, so I have no idea how this is supposed to work!

    I'd love to buy the tickets for a Saturday around the end of March/early April for a present for my boyfriend's birthday. I have no idea about football, but from their website looks like they're playing Wolves on 3rd April - that would be ideal.

    Happy to offer £120 for them. How does that sound? Let me know how/who you need me to pay (assuming I can have them).

    Thanks very much. Have a good weekend.
    S x