Sunday, 7 February 2010

Gavin: A fairly painful day

After Zoe blogged below, the nurse told us that Sonny's lines were blocked up and then he felt a bit poorly. So, scrap the pub lunch, we're off to the Wittington... Hurrah! When we arrived, they obviously couldn't get any blood from his Hickman, so needed to insert a Cannula into his hand. Inevitably, they messed the first one up leading to painful screams and blood splatters. The second worked which meant a long wait to see what his blood results were.
In a bizarre act of common sense, the Doctor on call told us to go home and watch the football and come back afterwards - with strict instructions to blue light it if there was any change in him during the match.
After being in for 20 minutes, the Doctor called again saying that although his bloods are a bit high, if we were prepared to do his 4 hourly observations (temperature, pulse etc.) and keep a running total of fluids, he can stay at home. I felt a bit hot and faint that someone was actually putting him first rather than bureaucracy, but luckily that passed.
We're still here as we speak, fussing around him like a couple of old women and praying the thermometer doesn't go up anytime sharpish.
Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0. It may have been easier just to stay in the hospital to be honest.

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  1. Just caught up with todays blog. Hope your evening is going ok now, Eva says hello Sonny and fingers crossed Ruby you'll still make it in on tuesday. lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxx