Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Zoe: Testing

Sonny's blood results are deranged. I read that word on his notes today on our way for an Xray and it properly made me chuckle - it seems to sum things up beautifully. The Whittington was a well oiled machine today and the day was spent going from test to test which highlighted what was wrong but we'll have to wait for why and what we can do tomorrow from the good gods at GOSH.
Be nice to do a week where nothing happened at all. We'll never complain of being bored again.


  1. Fish finger sandwiches?! Thought I was the only lazyass that made these and passed them off as a meal. Hope it's good news tomorrow and not any more deranged, 'Enders ain't nothing on you guys. xxx

  2. But can you remember some of the mums in GOSH were bored...! Deranged parents for sure.
    Hope Sonny's ok and it's just (the necessary) mild GVHD...
    Will call you soon, love to you all.
    Kelly x