Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gavin: The day today...

It's getting harder not to be excited by Sonny's progress. Between the mountains-to-climb or long-roads-to-travel constantly replayed to us by Consultants we can see our little boy seemingly recovering.
I say seemingly not in any depressing way, but with the realism that his cancer is incredibly brittle and we'd be foolish to think it was simply kicked... it doesn't work like that in this instance.
However, the scare of last week where he began to lose his appetite and start being sick, seem to be blamed on the blood pressure medicine rather than the tell tale signs of a relapse as both side effects have stopped when the tablets were. His blood pressure, while we're on the subject, is almost normal. After months of thinking 80/50 or 140/60 were fine he's now within a couple of digits of his target of 110/80. Another sign that his body is getting back on track.
His hearing is still an issue. Although it's easy to write this off as a 'well, if you get him back that's the least of your worries' kind of way, I disagree. He'll begin to blur the memories of this experience as he gets older, but hearing issues will stay with him for life and be difficult. I'm more cross than upset, but I'm sure that if Sonny needs aids he'll manage them with the same indifference he has everything else. He's better at that than I am.
But despite that, it's Sonny that's giving us the most hope. He's lively, chatty, funny and pushing himself to walk further and try harder. He's the one shouting up the tutor to come and getting excited about his tweets. He's keeping us going when we're all stuck in the house. It feels like he's really back in the room.
For him the weekend was even more exciting. Manchester United lost at bottom of the table Wolves meaning they can't emulate Arsenal's unbeatable season, Chelsea got taught a lesson by Liverpool despite the introduction of another £50m sulker to add to their over-indulged squad and Arsenal came back from four goals down to secure a vital point at Newcastle, securing their place as the club to beat this season. A red letter day indeed.


  1. So glad things are going well for you. We're so humbled by what you go through, we hardly know what to write.
    You're all amazing. Truly amazing.
    Fordes XXxx

    ps. I bloody love Nutella!

  2. Well that sounds so good, it is a pleasure to hear. And I am not talking about the football. Becky xxxx