Monday, 21 February 2011

Gavin: Quick one

Sonny remained pretty good again today which is great. We're off to see the Wizards on Wednesday who'll tell us what magical potions won't work this time.


  1. Like - I suspect - everyone else I do not know what sensible comment to leave so have ended up saying nothing so far. But like everyone else I am rooting for Sonny. It only seems like yesterday we were playing cricket in Highbury Fields.
    Stick in there Sonny - you are inspirational.
    (Millie, Tom and Martha's dad)

  2. Totally agree.....will be thinking of you all day today Sonny (as we always do.) Hope it goes ok.
    Eva says hello xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. deinatly agree, you are inspirational sonny as are your mum, dad and sister...we all rooting or you...lots of love Claire B and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxx