Thursday, 17 February 2011

Zoe: Waiting for the phone to ring

Today is decision day. Sonny's name is on the agenda at today at an MDT (multi disciplinary team meeting) where different teams of consultants get together to discuss the best possible treatment available for kids like Sonny. We've been told they'll be discussing two routes. He'll either start a course of radiotherapy followed by another DLI (more donor cells) or start another course of chemotherapy followed by a DLI. There are pros and cons to both avenues. The radiotherapy would just focus on one small area in his chest leaving the rest of his body alone but rather scarily leaving the disease to do what it likes in the meantime. Whereas the chemo would kill off all the fast growing cells in his body but his body has had so much chemo already that it may not be safe to have any more. We have little influence over these decisions and you can see why.  We just have to trust these great people to do the best they can for Sonny. We are just grateful that we are spending this time together at home this time around and that we still have the luxury of options and possibilities to discuss.

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  1. hope the phone rings sooner rather than later -and that they can work their magic asap. love you lots xx