Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gavin: You smoothie

You'll all be very pleased to hear that despite the big picture of an advance in his cancer, Sonny is doing pretty well on a day to day level. He's still not eating which means we're squirting 100ml of high energy juice down his NG tube every hour and a half. This is not as easy as it sound. The pressure on a tiny 1mm tube makes chucking a fibre based smoothie into it a bit like pushing dried up plasticine through the holes on the head of Play-Doh Barber shop. I never had one, but Julian Rider did. And he had VHS not Betamax.
In other news and despite everything that's happening, Rubes is performing tonight in South London to raise money for a teenage stab victim's family who's family can't afford a headstone. Yeah, read that again as you tuck into your takeaway. That should make Push The Button feel all the more guilty.

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