Friday, 25 February 2011

Zoe: The day Sonny got four tattoos

Sonny was scanned, measured and fitted with a specially moulded harness in preparation for his radiotherapy today at UCH. They run a pretty slick operation down in their basement and so far Sonny hasn't been kept waiting for a second which wouldn't matter too much as here they have a lovely playroom with a wii that works and lots of spanking new toys. None of what he went through today was pleasant buy any stretch of the imagination but at least it was quick and efficient. Compared to what he's endured so far the new list of side effects we've had to consent to seem quite tame: sore skin, sore throat, feeling sick, loss of appetite, fatigue, radiation pneumonitis, reduced growth and possible heart problems.  However numb we become to it all tame they ain't and unfortunately he doesn't have a choice. Some will disappear with the treatment but he'll have to live with the more serious ones but then these guys will be the heros and tall people always get bad backs so maybe in the long run we'd have done him a favour.


  1. Hi Sonny,
    Good luck with the new stuff, it can only help : ) Me and Gabe looking forward to the next time you're well enough for a visit. Fingers crossed the mighty Arse tomorrow against the brummies! Will get G to Twit you more, or what ever it's called. xxxxxxx

  2. I've been flogging off some of Em's unwanted stuff on e-bay and have given a percentage to Cancer Research. All the things I need to get rid of go to the C. R. shop in Penzance. I do hope that this is helping Sonny albeit in a VERY small way. Is there anything else which we can do? He always looks so cheerful in the photos that I am thinking of becoming a football supporter!!God knows what that would do to our marriage though!!