Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Zoe: I'd like to biff Cameron with one of his wife's handbags

We told you all to vote Labour but it seems no one took us very seriously.  This week I learnt that three whole days have been cut from the hospital school budget. They are fighting to keep Sonny's lessons as he's missed so much school but its going to be difficult as this means other kids missing out and in some cases not getting regular home tuition.  The mighty powers that be think that its enough for the child's own school to simply send work to the home. Who are these people and how much thought have they really given this? Sonny looks forward to his lessons. They are made fun, lively and interesting and the skilled teachers attuned to working with rehabilitating kids can switch the pace instinctively with the perception that comes with years of experience of working with children who's lives have been compromised. Sadly I've only got the energy to concentrate on Sonny to take this political fight any further but I'm very afraid that this is just the start... we rely heavily on an amazing highly trained network of outreach workers. Hours are missed in hospital by nurses that come to the house to do bloods, change a dressing or simply take his blood pressure. Physiotherapists visit to see how he's coping that give him the confidence to try getting up off the floor unaided and psychotherapists hover patiently in the wings in case we need help getting off the floor. 

Anyway, better go. Sonny's poker lesson has just started on SkySports2 - seeing as jobs will soon be a thing of the past this could be the future. 

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  1. that really is unbelievable - deeply deeply crap and unsettling that someone somewhere thinks this stuff is a luxury rather than a necessity.(our Labour vote was somewhat wasted here in Torybelt but we tried....)xxx