Saturday, 12 February 2011

Gavin: And make the most we will...

A very touch and go start to the day saw Sonny hitting decent temperatures, but adamant he was going to the Arsenal to watch us hammer Wolves in a box laid on by his Uncle. What a great day it was. We drove into the players car park, surrounded by matt black Mercedes, BMW's that looked like they could hover and watched Theo Walcott's girlfriend struggle to park a £180k Ferrari. Sonny ate half a hot dog (result) and didn't spike at all during a 2-0 win that was a stroll in the park for a dominant Arsenal.
As we left, we bumped into one of our Midfielders who signed Sonny's pennant and stopped for a chat. We took a photo next to his car which really made Sonny giggle. I'm at pains not to mention who the player was. These guys have enough to worry about with press intrusion and I think, looking at how understated his car is, he wants to remain anonymous. (Clicky for bigger).

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  1. what a totally unforgettable day - what life should be all about xx