Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gavin: Oh, what a day

Today was Sonny, Zoe and my first ever Live Cup Final. Sonny and I were guests of the remarkably generous Ruddy Joinery that his uncle Paul had organised, where we ate a three course dinner, drank fine wine and given goody bags of pens, teddies and programmes. Zoe was in the normal seats (at £80, I'm loath to say cheap) where she enjoyed the delights of the normal rabble and a foot long hot dog.
Suffice to say, wherever you were, it was brilliant. The Arsenal team were commanding in possession, decisive in passing and of course, clinical in front of goal. Special praise should go out to Koscielny who seems the real deal under pressure.
Despite leaving before Fabregas lifted the cup to avoid the traffic, we bumped into plenty of Birmingham fans on the drive out who despite everything, were amazing. Still singing their hearts out, a few even waved at us chanting 'bye-bye' with huge smiles on their faces. Just brilliant.
Anyway, here's a terrific day in pictures. Thanks again to the Ruddy family.

Pre match nerves and Breakfast down his nose.

Sonny managed slightly less than three courses but was happy with warm mini baguettes, olive oil and balsamic. Yeah, I know. How nice is that.

Box seats are always terrific. But these were super terrific with a 3/4 view of the whole pitch.

This is pretty early on, I think just before RVP's hat trick. What a player.

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  1. Yeah, no doubt we're in for the quadruple! Great to see Arsenal living up to expectations finally..... What the hell are they all moaning about on the terraces: I don't know????? Just can't wait for the whooping Barca are about to get: ha!!! Nx