Monday, 31 January 2011

Zoe: On the day we reached over 100,000 hits

The transfer deadline day is always a bit strange. Nothing quite goes to plan and there's always a flurry of activity towards the close of play. Today was no exception.

08.30: Ring the Whittington and say we are on our way. (Sonny was due to have a routine infusion of immunoglobulin which takes hours and hours and hours and hours
09.00: The bag of amusing things to do and munch was packed and ready so we set off hoping to be out of there in time to pick Ruby up from school
09.15:  Sonny was at home in bed having puked in the car at the end of the road.
09.30: Ring GOSH for advice
10.30: Sonny comes downstairs feeling a bit ropey but he seems to be ok
13.30: Sonny asks for pasta and pesto (phew)
14.00: Community nurse arrives to change dressing, check blood pressure and take bloods
16.00: Ruby arrives home (thanks Jo)
16.05: GOSH return call and they think he may have a virus
17.30: Text message from community nurse with blood results - he needs to drink more
18.00: Whittington call. GOSH have requested that we go to the Whittington immediately for further blood tests, ECG, Xray and ultra sound
18.10: Sonny gets dressed but asks why we can't just do all this tomorrow
18.15: GOSH agree to everything being done in the morning on the understanding if he's sick again or anything changes that we take him straight to the Whittington
18.50: Sonny shouts up a fish finger sandwich
19.50: Sonny wins Top Gear Top Trumps
20.45: Sonny goes to bed
22.30: Gavin delighted, Arsenal have signed both Torres and Andy Carroll and there's still half and hour to go.

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