Monday, 3 January 2011

Gavin: Good going

A good day in Ormond Towers saw Sonny eating and drinking plenty, having a bath and forsaking his mid afternoon nap for a go on his new remote control car. His paracetamol is being changed from 4 hourly to a six hourly infusion (good sign) and they're starting to reduce his TPN. It's all a bit strange really. Last week they had me and Zo making the sort of decisions I wouldn't want to repeat here and today he's asking if he can have another barbecue chicken leg. If he keeps this up we'll need to once again flick the blog switch from ERNEST to FUNNY.


  1. We send you our love and hope for a better year for you all. From us all in Cornwall.xxxxxxx

  2. Great, great, great news that he is feeling better. Big kiss to all. Dawn

  3. Andy Tribe says..great news. remote control car sounds great, i cant wait for Sonny to come home so i can come round and have a go..
    big love x x

  4. Now we feel we can blog to say fab!!!
    Lots and lots of love from us all xxxx