Friday, 7 January 2011

Gavin: Prawn cracker

We been reluctant to celebrate Sonny's progress with the words of our Consultant from two weeks ago still ringing in our ears, but today he said he was now 'optimistic', took Sonny off all his infusions and OK'd a chinese takeaway as long as we didn't get sussed by the BMT team. If he carries on 'in air' (wanky term for not being on oxygen all the time) they'll consider sending him home next week. Yeah, I know.
We're not jumping up and down yet as we've heard optimism before, but we've always celebrated the positives and it's safe to say our fingers are figuratively off the emergency button and tentatively holding another party hat ready for Ruby's 10th birthday on Wednesday.
The only thing that would make tonight better is if the Radio Lollypop volunteers swapped all the pens and pencils in their fun trolly's with beer and came round saying 'it's a Friday... one won't hurt'.

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