Thursday, 13 January 2011

Zoe: Result

Sonny's PET scan result is looking encouraging and the clever people are pleased. We've been here too many times to be jumping around but we're enjoying thinking from day to day rather than hour to hour. We'll find out more in clinic on Wednesday but it seems that the donor cells (DLI)  have been busy doing something extraordinarily wonderful.


  1. That's the best bloody news. All love, Becky, David, Alex, Harry and Fred xxxxxxx

  2. Loving the words "extraordinarily wonderful"
    Just like you Zoe!!
    With love Jillxxx

    Phone call from Em just now-another interview as I write-keep everything crossed!!

  3. That is the best news, lots of love, Sue,Philip,Olivia and Rosaxxx

  4. 'Extraordinarily Wonderful' YES! and those words just about describe you and gavin and ruby and definatly sonny..xxxxx loads a love lee claire hayley laura lucy and oliviaxxxxxxx

  5. We love reading your blogs like this one! Well done Sonny, hope you are feeling better.
    Lots of love Rachel, Andrew, Eva and Maya xxxx