Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Zoe: Ears something else to think about

Really long day today but the good outweighed the bad. We went to clinic at GOSH where we discussed how good Sonny's PET scan was and began reducing his steroids to allow the DLI to keep working. Then Sonny had a hearing test which wasn't so good. We've been worried about his hearing for a few weeks but now we're at home we've noticed its becoming a bit of a problem for him and the test confirmed this. We were warned that the chemo might do this but all his hearing tests during chemo were normal so this may have happened after the seizure or because of the huge amounts of antibiotics hes just had or the DLI doing strange as well as magical things. We'll find out more soon as the doctor only had his results to look at and needs to spend a bit of time going through his medical history before jumping to any conclusions but basically it could get better, it could get worse or it could stay the same - that's all the boxes ticked then doc...   Luckily, we got home in time to see Arsenal finally thrash Leeds.


  1. It really covers all the bases doesn't it? Thanks god for the football - he deserves a break. Happy birthday Gav xxx

  2. Happy birthday Gavin, love from the Estersons x