Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Gavin: Butch Cassidy and the Sonshine Kid

Sonny has started to develop a rash on his arms and feet that the consultants today at clinic have said is Stage I GVHD. This (we reckon) is good, as it's what we've always been after, a visual indication that the cells are fighting. Of course, as with all good news there's a flip side which is let's not hope it goes to Stage II or... well, you get the idea.
While there, Zoe inquired about a residential summer camp in Ireland, founded by Paul Newman, for kids that are seriously ill. Turns out that GOSH are heavily involved in putting forward the most deserving cases (obviously) and we have now started the process of enrolling him for August. It looks unbelievable, with fully paid up flights from Heathrow and resident Oncologists and nurses there to change dressings and offer 24hr care. We can go as a family, but Sonny is insistent that he does ten days on his own, feeling that this is his chance to get back his confidence and be away from his fussing parents.
Just imagine how difficult it will be saying goodbye to him at departures and then managing to get all the way back to the check-in desk so we don't miss our flight to Dublin or wherever it is half an hour away.


  1. You'll have to hope that Sonny doesn't read that last bit Gavin!! I can just imagine you hiding in trees and things!!
    Sonny will just love it

  2. Sonny just blows me away - he's so up for anything. what a brilliant kid Im sure he'll enjoy the craic